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Fig. 1. WESTKALK authorised representative Marius Risse at the viewing platform at the limestone quarry in Kallenhardt. Photo: WESTKALK

Discover stones and nature in harmony

Just a stone’s throw from the limestone quarry in Kallenhardt, there is now a new geocaching location. The search leads to a lookout point with a stunning panoramic view. At an existing information board, the “cachers” – and, of course, also walkers who are not hunting for the cache – can learn about the nature in front of them.

The quarry operator, Warstein-based family company WESTKALK, was informed about the new geocache in advance and welcomed the idea. Geocaching is all about discovering landscapes or finding out more about important cultural assets, something that WESTKALK authorised representative Marius Risse knows a bit about (Figure 1): “We have both of those things here. The view across the landscape is not only hugely impressive, it also demonstrates the harmony between raw material extraction and nature. It’s hard to believe, but a quarry is actually the perfect habitat for lots of animal and plant species. There is a lot to discover in and around the Kallenhardt quarry.”

Geocaching involves searching for hidden containers, called “caches”, using GPS data. This data is collated in online databases, where users can also document their finds. As well as the quarry, many other caches in Kallenhardt, Warstein, Rüthen and across Germany can be found at www.geocaching.com. (WESTKALK/Si.)