The Management Board of the DMT Group in Essen/Germany expanded on 1st January 2018. Prof. Eiko Räkers (CEO) and Ulrich Pröpper are joined on the Management Board by Maik Tiedemann and Jens-Peter Lux. Tiedemann was until recently a division manager for MAN Diesel & Turbo. On 1st July 2018, he will become Chairperson of the Management Board and will assume responsibility for the Industrial Engineering area of the business. Lux, having held various managerial roles at DMT over the past 15 years, will be the managing director responsible for the fields of Geoengineering & Exploration and Mining Consulting & Engineering. Alongside his responsibility for Facility & Product Safety, Ulrich Pröpper will work jointly with Lux on tasks in the seismic segment and will also head up the Human Resources division. Prof. Räkers is scheduled to retire from his role as Chair of the Management Board on 1st July 2018.