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DMT to assist in deposit evaluation in Kazakhstan

At this year’s MINEX Central Asia fair, held in Kazakhstan in April, the German mining consulting company DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Essen/Germany, sealed a cooperation agreement with Kazakhstan’s national geological exploration company Kazgeology. The aim of the collaboration is to develop the evaluation of mineral deposits in Kazakhstan to recognised international standards. Kazakhstan plans to evaluate its deposits in accordance with the international CRIRSCO standards in the future, in order to attract international investors to the country. The construction of a geochemical laboratory, in which rock, stream sediment, soil and drill core samples can be analysed, is currently being planned. In addition, a data processing centre is to be set up, where geochemical, geological and geophysical data will be used to generate geological 3D models. DMT and its partners will also be responsible for educating and training the employees of Kazgeology. (DMT/Si.)