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Fig. 1. Signing the “Expande” agreement. // Bild 1. Unterzeichnung des Abkommens „Expande“. Photo/Foto: AHK Chile

Fundación Chile and AHK Chile sign a mining technology transfer agreement

An agreement was signed during the German-Chilean Business Forum 2018 to facilitate innovation and technology transfer between providers in Germany and customers in Chile. AHK Chile and Fundación Chile’s innovation program “Expande” aim to provide a point of contact for commercial exchanges (Figure 1).

To this end, AHK Chile will provide a network of contacts with the German industry and technology clusters in order to promote the development of new technologies. With its technological capacities in situ in Chile and the mining companies participating in the program, Expande will identify problems and seek out local partners for implementing or transferring technologies.

For Enrique Molina, Executive Director of Expande, “creating a link between Chilean and German companies is very important if the transition to Industry 4.0 is to succeed. As a world leader in innovation and technological development, Germany is a strategic partner for Chile, especially when it comes to the mining industry.”

Cornelia Sonnenberg, Managing Director at AHK Chile, explains that “this cooperation agreement aims to transform players from both countries into strategic partners, with a focus on innovation.” The initial results of this agreement will be presented at the next meeting of the German-Chilean Mining Forum. (AHK Chile/Si)