Fig. 1. Loaders, dumpers, miners, mixers and drills form the core business of the global machine building company GHH from Germany. // Bild 1. Fahrlader, Muldenkipper, Berauber, Mixer und Bohrgeräte bilden das Kerngeschäft des global tätigen Maschinenbauers GHH aus Gelsenkirchen. Photo/Foto: GHH

GHH opens training center

Getting the most out of things: This is the motto of the company GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH from Gelsenkirchen/Germany, not just for special mining and tunnel construction vehicles. With the inauguration of its new training center not far from the Indian town of Udaipur, the manufacturer is now putting its know-how to profitable use and entering a huge growth market.

The site in the north-west of the country is a smart choice, because markets in Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan are also easy to reach. India itself is seen as tomorrow’s mega market. Domestic demand for raw materials is high, the supply limited: “A lot of the mineral resources have not yet even been located,” says Jan Petzold, Managing Director of GHH headquarters in Gelsenkirchen. However: “The Indian government knows the situation and has taken action.” Foreign investors are now welcome.

The manager did not hesitate and erected a base with offices, training rooms, warehouse and an outdoor training area within the space of just six months.

Fig. 2. GHH managing director Jan Olaf Petzold opening the new center in India: Mochia allows GHH access to a large sales market. // Bild 2. GHH-Geschäftsführer Jan Olaf Petzold eröffnet den neuen Stütz­punkt in Indien: Von Mochia im Norden hat GHH Zugang zu einem großen Absatzmarkt. Photo/Foto: GHH

The inauguration took place in April 2018 (Figure 2). GHH currently employs 80 workers. This number is set to grow to 120 by the middle of the year. The site is primarily a training center, but also houses a supply and spare parts warehouse for the surrounding mines belonging to the company Hindustan Zinc Ltd (HZL). “We don’t just train customers here, we also offer courses for mine operators and our own personnel of course,” says Rajeshwar Singh, Managing Director of GHH India Mining and Tunneling Equipment Pvt. Ltd., the operator of the training center.

A large part is currently taken up by the workforce of a key HZL customer. Cooperation with Hindustan began even before the contract was signed for the Mochia Mine and the training center that was erected on the HZL grounds. In 2016 the GHH group delivered several loaders, dumpers and also drilling equipment to the Indians. This equipment is used in the Zawar Mala mine near Mochia.

Zawar is one of the oldest mining areas in the world, going back more than 1,000 years. Zinc and lead are the main products. Around 10 mt/a, including the excavated material, are moved. The HZL headquarters are also located in the Udaipur region there. The mining company is huge. it has a 7,000 strong workforce and belongs to the Vedanta Group (12 bn US$ turnover). HZL is the second largest zinc supplier in the world.

Training takes places in lecture halls and also on-the-job with the equipment. To this end, GHH has stationed several of its special mining and tunnel construction vehicles on site. “Learning with actual equipment is much more effective than on a simulator,” says Petzold. This concept had already successfully been implemented in Zimbabwe where there has been a training center for the region for many years. Mochia is a “Million-dollar project”.

Students that pass the final exam leave the “GHH Mining Academy” with a diploma. “The equipment and use of the vehicles takes up a lot of space”, says Petzold. GHH is one of very few manufacturers who focus on made-to-measure machine solutions. GHH attaches great importance to ensuring that any purchases made by the customer are worthwhile.

If the concept in Mochia proves successful, other training centers will follow. GHH develops and manufactures, directly and in cooperation with subsidiaries, special vehicles such as loaders, dumpers, miners, mixers and drills for mining raw materials (Figure 1). The machines are also used to build roads, railways and hydraulic plants when developing sites. The company is part of the global Schmidt-Kranz Group that supplies a full range of mining machines, treatment plant and automation equipment for mines.

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