Fig. 1. RINGSPANN’s shaft-hub-connections are used in gear manufacturing wherever the power transmission of drive shafts to pulleys, sprockets or brake discs needs to be ensured. // Bild 1. Die Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen von RINGSPANN kommen im Getriebebau überall dort zum Einsatz, wo die Kraftübertragung von Antriebswellen auf Riemenscheiben, Kettenräder oder Bremsscheiben sicherzustellen ist. Photo/Foto: RINGSPANN

Next stop Down Under

RINGSPANN GmbH, Bad Homburg/Germany, is pursuing its globalisation plans at a breath-taking pace. Just a few weeks after the new branch in Singapore commenced activities, the company is announcing the establishment of its 14th international subsidiary RINGSPANN Australia. The German one-stop supplier of drive elements, precision clamping fixtures and mechanical cable systems is thus intensifying its presence in the markets Down Under (Figure 1). From Melbourne, the company will especially focus on its mining and gear manufacturing customers in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Fig. 2. RINGSPANN Head of Sales Nico Hanke: “With our new foreign subsidiary in Melbourne, we will be in the best possible position to take advantage when the mining business Down Under picks up again. We will then not only be on site with our products, but also with our own staff.” // Bild 2. RINGSPANN-Vertriebsleiter Nico Hanke: „Mit unserer neuen Auslandstochter in Melbourne werden wir bestmöglich partizipieren, wenn die Bergbaukonjunktur in Down Under wieder anspringt. Wir sind dann nicht nur mit unseren Produkten vor Ort, sondern auch mit eigenen Mitarbeitern.“ Photo/Foto: RINGSPANN

“Our strategy of internationalisation aims to establish RINGSPANN in all the important mechanical engineering regions of the world as a one-stop supplier for high-quality drive technology components – and always with our own employees on site. The now completed founding of RINGSPANN Australia is yet another systematic step in this direction”, says Nico Hanke, RINGSPANN’s International Head of Sales (Figure 2). Down Under, the German manufacturer can more easily and more quickly reach customers primarily in the fields of mining technology and industrial gear manufacturing from its new location in Melbourne. The vast distances in and between Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea may remain a logistical challenge. But in Hanke’s eyes, the advantages of RINGSPANN moving much closer to the major suppliers of mining technology in this industrial region dominated by mining with what is now its 14th foreign subsidiary far outweigh any risk. “We particularly anticipate a significant upturn in our MRO business, since the large coal and ore mine operators are now metaphorically right at our front door”, states Hanke.

Just like RINGSPANN Singapore, RINGSPANN Australia can also make use of all capacities of the manufacturing plants in Germany, Italy, the USA, China and South Africa. This ensures that Melbourne can competently and efficiently supply the customers in its large sales region south of the equator with freewheels, shaft-hub-connections, overload clutches, industrial brakes, clamping fixtures and push/pull cable systems from the RINGSPANN portfolio. “Due to similar technology focuses, our parent plant in Bad Homburg as well as our production sites near Johannesburg in South Africa and Tianjin in China will be taking on a key role here”, explains Hanke.

The establishment of another international subsidiary in Melbourne is proof that RINGSPANN cannot be slowed down by economic or structural crises of individual sectors in the implementation of its long-term internationalisation strategy. While the company’s market analysts are aware that the mining industry has been experiencing severe hardship for a number of years, they now see the first signs of a slight upturn. “With RINGSPANN Australia, we will be in the best possible position to take advantage when the mining business picks up again in this region of the world. Not only will we then be on the ground with our products, we will also be able to convince thanks to our consulting and engineering expertise”, stresses Hanke.

While the employees at RINGSPANN Australia are poised to commence activities in the coming days, preparations have already begun in Bad Homburg for the next phases of the internationalisation strategy. We can look forward to seeing when the company will make its next announcement on the establishment of further foreign subsidiaries.

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