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‚Green heat‘ for Heidenau

Environment-friendly community heating from the nearby STEAG New Energies biomass-fuelled thermal power station, which has already been supplying heat to the Mügeln district of Heidenau, is to be extended to include Heidenau South and the existing circuit is being enlarged for this purpose. By the end of 2015 some 4,500 households will be connected into the supply system. The project will further strengthen the long-standing supply partnership that has existed between Heidenau Technical Services and STEAG New Energies GmbH.
Construction work commenced in November 2014. The new heating pipeline is to run for nearly 3 km through the town of Heidenau and heat is scheduled to be delivered through the new line in time for the heating season commencing in autumn 2015. According to Dr Stephan Nahrath, chairman of the management board of STEAG New Energies GmbH, the heat will be generated at the company‘s biomass-fired thermal power plant in Dresden and then fed into the extended district heating network. The new thermal pipeline, which is expected to provide a CO2 saving of 1,500 tonnes a year, will increase the existing supply output by 7 MWth.
The more eco-friendly the energy, the lower is the primary energy factor, i.e. the ratio between primary energy and final energy. In the case of the Heidenau supply system the primary energy factor is zero. And this benefits contractors and developers who are undertaking new-builds or energy upgrades to existing buildings. (STEAG New Energies GmbH/Si)