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Once the dust settles: Cement plants develop sustainable concepts with ScrapeTec innovations

Fig. 1. AirScrape – dust free and without belt contact. Photo: ScrapeTec

Downtime, cleaning costs, maintenance, wear and tear of materials or health risks for employees – the cost factors relating to the transfer points to conveyor systems are not unknown, but usually go unnoticed. Whether in mining, in the production of gypsum products or cement. As a result of the cooperation with ScrapeTec, cement plants in Germany have now increasingly discovered the special sustainable effect of the new conveyor skirting for chutes. Manufacturer ScrapeTec does a kind of persuasion with this innovation.

In the first step, usually 1-2 transfer points on the customer’s system are equipped with the new non-contact sidesealing. Then comes the work on the fly. The AirScrape side sealing is usually convincing at first glance, because of the clean working method without dust, spill and maintenance compared to conventionally equipped transfer points. And after 3 months at the latest, the investment has already paid for itself because of the eliminated cleaning and maintenance costs.

In this way, system operators can be convinced that sustainable work can also be implemented easily and efficiently on conveyor systems – thanks to the innovative solutions from ScrapeTec, which, in addition to the AirScrape conveyor skirting, offer even more products for the transfer point in order to work more sustainably (Figures 2, 3).

Fig. 2. TailScrape supplements the AirScrape and seals the transfer for optimum results in the rear area.

Fig. 3. PrimeTracker – the new conveyor belt tracking assistant. Counteracts belt misalignment permanently. Photo: ScrapeTec

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