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Fig. 1. A simple tool from Tsurumi helps to check the oil chambers of sewage or dewatering pumps for leaks. Photo: Tsurumi

Quick check of the oil chamber

For dewatering and wastewater pumps to last a long time, every part of them must run nicely. If users suspect a defect in the oil chamber: Tsurumi has developed a test tool that provides information about the tightness of the pump (Figure 1). The tool is still only in use at Tsurumi’s service facilities. When rental pumps, e. g., are returned and checked. However, the manufacturer is considering offering it on the market if there is sufficient customer interest. Those who maintain a well-stocked workshop can also produce it themselves.

The tool is screwed into the thread of the oil drain and pressurized with compressed air. Two bar are sufficient to check the tightness of the oil chamber. If the needle of the manometer drops, a leak is to be suspected. Then the pump should be serviced. This also helps to prevent severe environmental damage.

Sometimes a critical look at the oil is enough. If water or dirt is visible in it, this indicates a leak. The mechanical seal on the shaft is often involved. It shields the water-bearing components from the rest of the unit. Enormous forces are at work here. Tsurumi therefore manufactures the component from silicon carbide, the second hardest material after diamond. To further increase safety, the seal is designed with a double inner layer. The manufacturer also takes a special approach to the lubrication system. Thanks to its centrifugal oil distributor, an in-house development, it achieves permanent lubrication of all relevant areas – regardless of whether the pump is lying down or standing still.

A regular check of the pump is always advisable. When it comes to the electrical system, Tsurumi customers can lean back and relax completely. Thanks to individually isolated conductors, even wicking water damage is virtually eliminated.

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