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Senate of the Economy appoints Managing Director of DMT as Senator

Fig. 1. Jens-Peter Lux, Managing Director DMT GROUP. Photo: DMT

Jens-Peter Lux (Figure 1), Managing Director DMT GROUP, Essen, was appointed as a senator in the “Senate of the Economy”. As an association for the common good, the Senate is committed to an ecosocial market economy. It deals with social and economic issues and promotes the exchange between business and politics. The focus is on corporate responsibility, value-based corporate governance and policies aimed at the common good.

The Senate is one of the most influential political networks in Germany. Leading personalities from business, science, media and culture as well as representatives from politics, diplomacy and public life belong to the Senate of Business.

“It is a personal concern of mine to represent DMT, the Engineering & Natural Resources Business Unit of TÜV NORD GROUP, in the Senate of the Economy and to contribute my many years of practical experience from the raw materials, energy and infrastructure sectors as well as in management. Together, we want to help shape the change towards sustainability – transparently, efficiently and collaboratively. Particularly important to me are topics such as the development of sustainable energy resources, such as deep geothermal energy, transparency in the raw materials supply chain or the provision of sustainable and resilient infrastructures,” Lux comments on the appointment. (DMT/Si.)