Fig. 1. The Elevate units connect to the cloud at the touch of a button via Wi-Fi or cellular, eliminating the need for cables. Photo: Flexco Europe GmbH

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SOLIDS Dortmund: Flexco Europe shows solutions to realise mechanical connections even faster.

How can service technicians prepare conveyor belts quickly and safely for the installation of mechanical connections? Flexco Europe will be presenting proven and new solutions for this at SOLIDS Dortmund (29 to 30 March). Among other things, the specialist for mechanical conveyor belt splicing systems will be showing a battery-powered belt planer and a combination of belt cutter and belt planer at stand C01-4, making the necessary preparatory work on the belt a breeze.

Fig. 2. The new electric belt planer makes conveyor belt repairs easier and safer than ever before.Photo: Flexco Europe GmbH

To install mechanical connectors on conveyor belts, it is advisable to plane the belt. This reduces the connector profile on the belt and improves the compatibility of the connector with the scraper. This has a positive effect on the service life of this component. In Dortmund, Flexco Europe is showing the battery-powered FSK2MP, a handy, lightweight and easy-to-carry belt planer (Figure 2). The service technician can adjust it to the required planing depth. The blade is safely enclosed during machining. The new FSK2MP is used on rubber-coated belts with a belt cover of 4.5 mm and more. Depending on the version, the planer can process strips up to 44.5 mm thick – removing material with a thickness of 1.5 to 9.5 mm, depending on the operation. For greater planing depths, several passes are required. The FSK2MP can also be used on most worn or damaged belts. The battery-powered planer is also up to five times faster than manual processing. In Dortmund, Flexco Europe will also be showing a combination belt cutter and planer.

As an expert in mechanical connections for conveyor belts, Flexco Europe will also present the new steel cord connector, an innovative solution for steel cord conveyor belts. These are often used in conveyor belt systems where long distances or large inclines have to be overcome and therefore a high level of safety must be ensured. With the innovative concept, the manufacturer now offers a solution with which users can implement splices in only half the time compared to existing mechanical systems on the market and up to only a third of the time compared to vulcanisation.

Flexco Europe can also do digital and with Elevate delivers a holistic monitoring system that reduces or even avoids unexpected conveyor belt downtimes (Figure 1). Elevate devices attached to conveyor belt scrapers collect data that can be accessed in real time, via an app or a dashboard, regardless of location. Installation and commissioning as well as monitoring are quick and easy to handle. The data obtained enables operators to make well-informed decisions and derive measures in good time – for example, in the event of a malfunction signal occurring with a preventive belt inspection on site, so that operators are able to rectify problems at an early stage and not only react when a serious failure has already occurred. In addition, the Elevate system can be used to optimise maintenance work: Service technicians can plan these in a more targeted manner and carry them out more efficiently.

Flexco Europe at SOLIDS Dortmund, Stand C01-4

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