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ig. 1. Prysmian offers reeling cables for open pit mines … // Bild 1. Prysmian liefert Kabel und Leitungen für den Bergbau über Tage … Photo/Foto: Prysmian

Solutions for the mining industry

In the open-cast and underground mining bigger performances are demanded by the machines and processes, which means that nowadays also bigger machines are used. E. g., a bucket wheel excavator or a crawler excavator now operates with an installed capacity of more than 15 MW at a voltage of 35 kV. This requires that reliable cables are used for these specific applications.

For such movable machines, the Prysmian Group, Wuppertal/Germany, has developed special high flexible reeling cables which can withstand the extreme conditions in mining (Figures 1, 2). The flexible cables PROTOLON, PROTOMONT and TENAX have been used worldwide for decades and are developed continually.

Fig. 2. … and underground mines. // Bild 2. … und unter Tage. Photo/Foto: Prysmian

Fig. 2. … and underground mines. // Bild 2. … und unter Tage. Photo/Foto: Prysmian

The delivery of high quality products as well as the compliance with customer specifications has a very high priority within the Prysmian Group. In addition, Prysmian wants to provide its customers as a partner its service for assemblies and installations. For this reason, Prysmian offers quick solutions for the unique challenges of its customers.

Based on many years of international experience, Prysmian can develop optimal solutions together with its customers and realize long operating times without interferences. The company ensures the quality of its products by a constant monitoring of each individual production section in its production to delivery.

Due to the international presence of the Prysmian Group, it is fundamental to have certain approvals. VDE, MSHA, NEMA or AS/NZ are some of many different certifications that Prysmian constantly renewed. As a result that the company owns more than 90 % of mining permits and certificates, it meets the requirement of a reliable partner in the mining industry on a global scale.

Prysmian offers the following trademarks „made in Germany“:

  • CORDAFLEX: LHD cable for scoop operations 1 kV, tough rubber-sheathed reeling cable (N)SHTÖU;
  • OPTOFLEX: rubber-sheathed flexible fibre-optic cable;
  • PROTOLON: medium-voltage reeling cable, trailing cables, medium-voltage flexible cables, R-(N)TSCGEWÖU, F-(N)TSCGEWÖU, NTSCGEWÖU, NTMCGCWÖU;
  • PROTOMONT: heavy tough rubber-sheathed flexible cables (N)SHÖU, NSSHÖU, 2YSLGCGÖU, NSSHCGEÖU;
  • SUPROMONT: medium-voltage mining-type cables for fixed installation NYHSSYCY, N3GHSSYCY;
  • TENAX: (high voltage) reeling cable with optional twist protection for moving giant equipment, trailing and chain operations.

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