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Fig. 1. Mobile dust binding machine of Nebolex Umwelttechnik in an open pit mine. // Bild 1. Staubbindung im Tagebau mit mobilen Maschinen der Nebolex Umwelttechnik. Photo/Foto: Nebolex

Mobile dust binding machines

In all German towns, both national and state regulations apply for construction site operations, in order to protect all employees, the neighborhood and the public against dust. A study claims that demolition sites in cities are a key factor in overall exposure to fine dust. As a result of the building work itself or interim storage for demolition materials, the neighborhood and all involved at a demolition site are exposed more and more frequently with dust and can simply no accept this longer without complaint. For demolition work, the dumping of demolished material from stripping projects or the storage of building rubble, there is now a regulation specifying binding of the dust by wetting it with controlled water fogging according to the state of the art.

NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH, Kirchberg/Germany, is a company that is specialized in the reduction of dust emissions with stationary and mobile dust binding machines (Figure 1). In the NEBOLEX mobile portfolio, NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik has several dust binding machines from small to very large for a wide range of challenges – for testing, hiring and/or buying. The mobile machines are fully automatic, powerful and environmentally friendly. Special nozzles produce a fine fog that very effectively binds the dust particles directly where it is formed. Depending on the type and size of the dust particles, the nozzles are configured in line with the specific requirements to optimally bind the different types of dust. State-of-the-art valve technology guarantees efficient water throughput. The different fog cannons can be controlled by means of remote control and therefore are easy to operate. Mounted on a pallet for a forklift or on an undercarriage, the machines can be easily maneuvered off-road.

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