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Women in Mining: Systematic questionaire

The questionaire is being conducted by the Institute of Mining at the Clausthal University of Technology.

The survey is generally divided into three sections. At the beginning, simple questions are asked to obtain brief information about the interviewee. This is followed by open questions on the topics of challenges and motivation as well as closed questions to tick. Finally, there are open-ended closing questions. Please also forward this survey to colleagues or acquaintances.

Dear Participant,

Welcome to our survey on gender equality in the mining sector. By “women in mining,” we refer to all women working in the resource extraction industryincluding processing, mining engineering, geology, and other related fields. The purpose of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding of your experiences and challenges in this industry.

Your participation helps us to draw a comprehensive picture of the current state of gender equality in our industry. The insights gained will be anonymized and published in an article in the Mining-Report journal. Through this, we aim to highlight potential inequalities and contribute to fostering a more equitable working environment.

The survey will take aprox. 10 minutes to complete. Your responses are, of course, anonymous and will be treated confidentially. There are no right or wrong answers – we are interested in your honest and personal experiences.
We thank you in advance for your valuable participation and support.

You can take part in the questionaire here