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Fig. 1. HMQ pump. // Bild 1. HMQ Membranpumpe. Photo/Foto: Abel

70 years of pumps for coarse fluids – in one word: HMQ

On 21st November 1947, Wilhelm ABEL founded a mining engineering company in Düsseldorf/Germany, specializing in the manufacturing of pumps for the coal mining industry. Since then, ABEL GmbH became a 100 % subsidiary of Hillenbrand Inc. In its headquarters, located today in Büchen/Germany near Hamburg ABEL designs and manufactures a wide range of products comprising membrane, solids handling, high-pressure and marine pumps used for the transfer of different media. ABEL pumps are used in mining, wastewater management, the energy industry, the ceramic industry, the chemical and petrochemical industries, the cement industry as well as in the shipbuilding industry.

ABEL GmbH is considered specialist for abrasive media and sells its pumps worldwide. In this respect, the managing director Jaak Palisaar affirms: “It is, for me, a particularly exciting task to make, over the next years, a successful “Made in Germany company” become more successful in the emerging economies worldwide”.

Here is a particular example from the 70 year success story of the company: When it comes to transferring difficult copper excavation material in Chile or highly concentrated fly ash in India the HMQ series (Figure 1) represents the ideal pump for the reliable transfer of large volumes of abrasive and aggressive slurries under high pressure. The ABEL staff worked very hard to make the success story of this HMQ pump hit a new milestone. The usual reliability expected from Germany and the comprehensive customer service have been the main arguments presented to the customers of the Asian subcontinent to convince them to use ABEL pumps.

The hydraulic membrane (diaphragm) pump Quadruplex (HMQ) is a quadruple-acting piston membrane pump. When they move in either of two directions, the delivery pistons activate, by means of two cylinders, the four product diaphragms in the radial direction with respect to the pistons. The power transmission is ensured by the hydraulic fluid. The (equal) linear deflection of the diaphragms is ensured by a mechanical diaphragm position control. The product valves are opened accordingly to the suction stroke or the discharge stroke of the diaphragm. At each product side there is one suction valve and one discharge valve. For a low pulsation operation, ABEL provides a special pulsation dampener which is also equipped with an automatic regulation system.

The HMQ is powered electrically and, when a frequency converter is used, it is suitable for pumping at very different flow rates, generally at 10 to 100 % of the specified flow rate. The customer can adapt the speed to its specific application at any time. Intermediate gearboxes or belt/pulley systems, in case of a lower power transmission, are used as a gear reduction between drive motor and HMQ gear. The rotary movement of the drive shaft is transferred to the eccentric and by means of eccentric rods and cross-heads it is converted into a stroke movement of the piston rods.

In fact, just in time for the 70th anniversary of the company, the 100th pump of this product series was shipped to India.

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