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Fig. 1. The Elevate devices connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi or cellular at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for cables. Photo: Flexco Europe GmbH

bauma 2022: Flexco Europe presents innovative solutions to increase the productivity of conveyor belt systems

The bauma trade fair for construction vehicles and construction & mining machinery will take place in Munich from October 24 to 30. In its booth, Flexco Europe will show how conveyor belt problems such as carryback, spillage and belt mistracking can be remedied, and how preventive maintenance can reduce and even completely avoid belt downtimes in the future – and data plays a decisive role here. FLEXCO Europe has now developed the Elevate online platform – an intelligent Industry 4.0 solution that enables operators to continuously monitor their conveyor belt systems (Figure 1).  

If conveyor belts fail unexpectedly in mines or cement plants, a downtime can prove expensive for the operators. Thanks to its holistic monitoring system, Flexco’s Elevate is the ideal solution to reduce and even avoid these downtimes.

The Elevate devices attached to the conveyor belt cleaners collect data that can be retrieved in real time via app or dashboard, regardless of location. Installation, commissioning, and monitoring procedures are fast and easy to handle. Thanks to all this data, operators can make well-founded decisions in good time and determine any measures that may be necessary. For example, in the event of a malfunction signal that involves a preventive belt inspection on site, operators can remedy such problems early and not simply react when a serious failure has already occurred. The Elevate system can also be used to optimize maintenance tasks, so they can be planned in a more targeted manner and carried out more efficiently.

Fig. 2. The new powered belt skiver makes conveyor belt repairs easier and safer than ever before. Photo: Flexco Europe GmbH

The trade fair highlight “Flexco Elevate” will be showcased together with fresh insights into the large Flexco product family, which has again grown this year. There are two new conveyor belt maintenance tools, a new powered belt skiver and a combination device of belt cutter and skiver (Figure 2). A new fastener system that makes conveyor belt repairs easier and safer than ever before will also impress visitors.

Conventional belt cutters and skivers are not very user-friendly in manual operation, but the Flexco innovations offer fast, simple and, above all, safe handling. Both new products benefit from rechargeable battery power, which also enables significantly faster processing.

When it comes to mechanical fasteners for conveyor belts, Flexco is the acknowledged specialist, and the company will also showcase its innovative solution for steel cable conveyor belts. These belts are often used in systems where long distances or steep gradients necessitate high levels of safety. With its innovative fastener concept for steel cable conveyor belts, Flexco now offers a solution that allows fastener to be made in only half the time compared to existing mechanical fastener systems on the market and up to one-third of the time compared to vulcanization procedures.

Flexco Europe at bauma in Hall B2, Booth 227

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