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Fig. 1. 30 t ToroTM TH430 truck with Stage V engine technology. // Bild 1. 30 t ToroTM TH430 Muldenkipper mit Stufe V-Motorentechnologie. Photo/Foto: Sandvik

Growing the bull family: 30 t ToroTM TH430 truck with Stage V engine technology

Sandvik is upgrading its 30 t truck with the latest engine technology and adding Toro™ TH430 to its bull family. This reliable, productive truck is now compliant with Stage V regulations, the most stringent emission regulations in the world. In addition to reducing emissions, the Stage V trucks can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3 % compared to lower stage engines.

Toro™ TH430 is a reliable, hard-working dump truck specifically designed for underground conditions (Figure 1). With its robust structure, compact size and fit-for-purpose components, the truck is tailored to meet productivity targets in challenging environments. High engine peak torque and torque rise allow less downshifting and better acceleration. Low overall machine weight and high power enable high tramming speeds on a decline, shortening cycle times, while the Dana transmission’s automatic gear shift and torque converter lock-up ensure fast speeds.

Toro™ TH430 truck has two engine configuration options: Stage V and Tier 2/EU Stage II, both from Volvo Penta. Stage II has an output of 310 kW and Stage V has an output of 315 kW, making Toro™ TH430 truck the most powerful underground truck in its size class. In both configurations, the engine coolers are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the swing-out fans. Designed for high ambient temperatures, the V-tube radiator has replaceable aluminum tubes for fast and easy repair. To help mines meet their targets to reduce fossil fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, both engine configurations can use renewable paraffinic diesel fuels that meet the EN 15940 standard.

The newly introduced engine option, the 13 l Stage V engine, provides reduced emissions through a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Additionally, Sandvik Stage V trucks can operate with up to 3 % less fuel consumption compared to lower Stages. The other engine alternative, Tier 2/EU Stage II, is equipped with a catalytic purifier and muffler. It has been calibrated for use in high altitude conditions to maintain performance, low emissions and reliability.

To ensure maximum utilization of the rated payload on every trip, Toro™ TH430 dump truck can be equipped with Sandvik’s Integrated Weighing System (IWS) for trucks. The IWS supports productivity by offering accurate real-time payload data for load and haul equipment operators. Using the IWS ensures full utilization of the truck’s payload capacity on every cycle. Furthermore, using a 90 % fill factor in the box selection ensures the truck can be loaded to its full 30 t capacity and reduces spillage during tramming. The smooth box design improves material flow during dumping.

“Sustainability is a key factor in all Sandvik designs”, says Pia Sundberg, Product Line Manager Trucks at Sandvik. “Bringing the Toro™ TH430 truck with Stage V engine to the market takes mining one step further in its sustainability journey. We have also made several other improvements to the truck to make it even more reliable and productive.”

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