Fig.1. // Bild 1 Hydrogeology


This book is the English translation of the German textbook “Hydrogeologie” by Hölting and Coldewey, first published in 1980 and in its eighth edition. The great success of this book can be attributed to its concept. The authors succeeded in creating a comprehensive reference for earth science professionals involved in groundwater exploitation as well as for geotechnical engineers and students. The textbook provides a complete introduction to hydrogeology. It presents insights into the sources and reservoirs of groundwater, the dynamics of fluid flow, and the physical and chemical composition of groundwater. Furthermore, it gives an overview of the economic value of groundwater and its exploitation and use.

It was important for the authors to write a text that is generally easy to understand, both for experts and for people who do not work in this special field. The consistent use of the internationally accepted SI units as well as the formula symbols in the text also contribute to the comprehensibility. All technical terms and their definitions match the various standards and are used consistently. Moreover, the original literature citations were completely revised in order to avoid misunderstandings and errors due to secondary sources. All of these points improve the readability and facilitate the understanding of the relatively complex concepts of general and applied hydrogeology.

The book is also suitable for projects in the field of abandoned mines and post-mining processes.

This textbook is recommended for experts and students of hydrogeology and water management. It is available as an eBook or a printed book. In relation to other publications, the price for this book is very reasonable. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Goerke-Mallet, Research Institute of Post-Mining, TH Georg Agricola University, Bochum/Germany

Coldewey, W. G.; Hölting, B. (2018): Hydrogeology. – 1st ed., XXVII + 357 pp., 137 fig., 92 tab.; Berlin-Heidelberg (Springer). Printed book (hardcover): 74.89 €, e-book: 59.49 €. Available in bookshops or at springer.com/shop