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Fig. 1. Signing the contract for the modernisation of the Pljevlja lignite-fired power station. // Bild 1. Vertragsunterzeichnung für die Modernisierung des Braunkohlenkraftwerks Pljevlja. Photo/Foto: STEAG

STEAG Energy Services plans power station modernisation in Montenegro

Comprehensive modernisation work is planned for the Pljevlja lignite-fired power station, situated approximately 5 km to the south-west of a town of the same name and near the Serbian border. The renovation will considerably aid an improvement in air quality in the industrial centre of Montenegro. STEAG Energy Services GmbH (SES), Essen/Germany, is planning this ecological project. German expertise shone through in an international tender process.

One of the primary tasks is the purification of flue gas by reducing sulphurous substances and nitric oxides in particular. New DeSOX and DeNOX systems will be installed. In addition, the project will involve the optimisation of existing electrostatic precipitators and the wastewater plant, and the remediation of the cooling tower. The tower currently contains asbestos and other substances that must be removed. The thorough modernisation process also involves a series of anti-noise measures. At the same time, the power station will be equipped to generate district heating. The contract, which is worth around 670,000 , also involves conducting an environmental impact assessment, creating tender documentation and answering questions from bidders.

The contract was signed on 27th March 2018 in Montenegro (Figure 1). The Montenegrin Economic Minister, Dragica Sekulić, the Minister for Finance, Darko Radunović, and the Minister for Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović attended alongside representatives from both the companies involved. (STEAG/Si.)