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Fig. 1. The buzzing auditorium during the THGA raw materials day. // Bild 1. Interessiertes Auditotium während des Rohstofftags der THGA. Photo/Foto: THGA

Raw materials day at the THGA

On 12th April 2018, the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola (THGA) in Bochum/Germany hosted a raw materials day (Figure 1). Prof. Albert Daniels, who organised the event, called the day a huge success. The last few to sign up were still registering one day before the event, and in the end there were exactly 200 names on the list of participants. This far exceeded all expectations. Feedback given during the event was extremely positive, and every participant was able to expand their knowledge and take part in lively discussions. The exhibitors also had plenty of conversation opportunities.

In particular, “deals” – which were suggested by Prof. Daniels – were met with an overwhelming response. These “deals” involve THGA and raw materials companies collaborating in the companies’ regions to advertise the mining sector and the study programme. He has already received offers of numerous “deals”.