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Fig. 1. The TENAX-LUMEN self-luminous power cable from Prysmian offers safety to miners and equipment. Photo: Prysmian

TENAX-LUMEN – the self-luminous cable safely brings power to mobile mining equipment

The TENAX-LUMEN self-luminous power cable from Prysmian Group is like a modern version of the canary in a coal mine, adding safety to miners and equipment (Figure 1). This extremely robust trailing cable supplies power to large mobile mining equipment in environments where it is crucial the cable is visible at all times: An enlightened choice in dark places.

The TENAX-LUMEN is intended as trailing cable for the power supply to large mobile equipment in mines, such as shovels and draglines. Especially intended for application where, to guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment, the cable must be visible in the dark. The transparent polyurethane outer sheath, combined with the use of an active illuminating element, allows the cable illumination also when not energized.

The extremely robust sheath has excellent resistance against impact, abrasion and tearing, and is also suitable for fully flexible operation down to – 50 °C.

The Prysmian Group in Germany has been making cables in Germany since 1858. Today it has 2,000 skilled co-workers developing state-of-the-art cables in six plants all over the country. The Prysmian Group can offer a complete range of cables covering everything from the deep blue sea, mines and tunnels to skyscrapers and satellites.

The facilities in Wuppertal and Neustadt near Coburg are Centres of Excellence including R&D departments in which they develop new solutions to meet specific needs as well as the common challenges of tomorrow.

When that is not enough, the facilities in Germany have the largest cable manufacturer in the world to their disposal, Prysmian Group. That includes 50 countries, 112 plants, 25 R&D centres and about 29,000 skilled professionals doing nothing but developing and producing cable solutions that will solve current and future needs of the customers.

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