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Fig. 1. Smart-Ex® 02 users can now update the intrinsically safe smartphone by the brand ECOM Instruments to Android 11, quickly and easily. Source: ECOM

Update to Android 11 for intrinsically safe smartphone Smart-Ex® 02 from ECOM now available

Smart-Ex® 02 users can now independently update the intrinsically safe smartphone by the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments, Assamstadt/Germany, to Android 11 (Figure 1), quickly and easily. Thus they benefit from the numerous advantages and brand-new functions of the cutting-edge operating system. These include improved voice control (voice access), better management of access rights to camera, microphone and location for apps, as well as the ability to call up all connected end devices easily and manage them from a common location. From now on, security and data protection updates are carried out via the Google Play Store, comparable to app updates. This grants users maximum flexibility in controlling the updates.

The Smart-Ex® 02 smartphone for hazardous areas proves that intrinsically safety, advanced functionality and user-friendly design are not mutually exclusive. With powerful features such as 4G/LTE connectivity as well as good ergonomics, Smart-Ex® 02 is the most advanced smartphone for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1. Thanks to impact- and scratch-resistant Gorilla glass, the large 5-inch display is particularly resistant and can be easily operated with gloves. With an extended temperature range of -20 to +60 °C, the Smart-Ex® 02 can also be used in extreme environmental conditions. The replaceable battery with 4,400 mAh power guarantees 12 h of reliable runtime.

A versatile accessory concept (belt clip, hand strap, chargers and docking station) ensures easy carrying, attachment and charging of the devices. In addition, the Smart-Ex® 02 can be supplemented with numerous other coordinated peripheral devices such as headsets, microphones, scanners or Bluetooth beacons from ECOM.

The smartphone for hazardous areas complies with the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) standard. This means that ECOM can always provide its users with the latest operating system – including guaranteed updates and all the associated benefits in terms of user-friendliness and IT security.

The update to Android 11 is of course recommended, but can also be skipped by the user. This gives users full freedom to test compatibility, involve the company’s IT department early in the update process and make a conscious decision to choose the operating system that best suits their individual needs and operational circumstances.

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