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Fig. 1. The AirScrape® of ScrapeTec Trading GmbH will be included in the product range of Kinder, an Australian developer and supplier of conveyor components. Source: ScrapeTec

The AirScrape® has landed in Australia

“The AirScrape<sup>®</sup> has landed” is the title of the new story on the website of Kinder, one of the leading providers for conveyor components in the Pacific region. The impressive progress of the AirScrape® with its contact-free and dust-minimizing mode of operation (Figure 1) has long been observed by Kinder. They were particularly impressed by the YouTube videos about the use of the innovative conveyor skirting. The AirScrape<sup>®</sup> as a side seal and the TailScrape<sup>®</sup> as a rear seal for transfer points effectively complement Kinder’s portfolio in the area of conveyor systems and skirting. With this, Kinder offers its customers in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia a real innovation in the field of conveyor belt seals, which also promises a high level of cost-effectiveness. In addition to Europe, Africa and America, the AirScrape<sup>®</sup> will now be available in the Asia-Pacific region. At ScrapeTec Trading GmbH from Kamp-Lintfort in Germany, they are proud to have made a “precision landing” in Australia, four years after the AirScrape<sup>®</sup> was launched on the market.

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