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Fig. 1. On 17th July 2020, Redpath Deilmann completed the sinking work for the two new shafts at the Nezhinskiy potash mine in Belarus. Photo: Redpath Deilmann

Redpath Deilmann: sinking work completed

Since 2018, Redpath Deilmann GmbH, Dortmund/Germany, has been sinking two shafts for the new Nezhinskiy potash mine in Belarus on behalf of Slavkaliy IOOO (Figure 1). The sinking crews completed their work on 17th July 2020. Both shafts were sunk using shaft boring roadheaders (SBR) from Herrenknecht. The total construction time was 581 days.

Key Figures of the construction period:

  • 697 m shaft constructed;
  • 3,225 tubbings fitted;
  • 55,714 m3 of soil excavated;
  • 14,165 m3 of concrete installed;
  • two shaft landings fitted; and
  • 20,394 working hours completed without a single accident.

(Redpath Deilmann/Si.)