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Mining Türkiye 2024

2. Mai - 5. Mai

Mining Türkiye 2024 11th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair, which will be held at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Cooperation with YMGV (Homeland Mining Development Foundation) between 02-05 May 2024. Products and services will be exhibited under the main headings of Selection identification and Demarcation of the mine site, Preparation of the surrounding areas and work sites of the mine site, Ore Extraction (Loosening and removal from site), Ore preparation and enrichment, Auxiliary machinery, Equipment material and services determining and boundaries of the mine area, preparation of the environment and working areas of the mine area, ore extraction, ore preparation and enrichment.

Further information can be found on the event-website


2. Mai
5. Mai