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14th International Mine Water Association (IMWA) Congress ONLINE

12. Juli 2021 - 16. Juli 2021

We are delighted and honoured to host the 14th International Mine Water Association Congress at our new conferencing venue at ICC Wales, Newport and Online for remote attendance from 12 – 16 July 2021.


1 Mine Drainage Chemistry

2 Passive Treatment Innovation, Bio-geochemical Systems

3 Waste Rock &/or Tailings Storage

4 Legacy Mine Impacts, Prediction of Acid Mine Drainage and Metal Leaching (AMD-ML), Clean Up & Rehabilitation

5 Mine Water Treatment Systems

6 Ecology: Opportunities from stabilisation, erosion control, Ecological Indicators for verifying river health (i.e. following interventions) + Design and Management of wetlands to enhance Biodiversity

7 Mine Closure

8 Mine Hydrogeology

9 Cleaning up centuries of pollution: the UK approach to managing abandoned metal mines and mine water – UK focussed special session

10 Cultural & Community Perspectives on Management of Mine Water & Post Mining Landscapes

11 Decarbonisation, Sustainability, Circular Economy in Mine Water Treatment (inc mine water enthalpy & device development), Mine Wastes, sludges (inc valorisation & harvesting) and Mine Sites

12 Mining Operations to Minimise Mine Water Legacy

13 Benefits Enhancement in Mine Water Management


12. Juli 2021
16. Juli 2021
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